Spain's investor Visa: A Guide to a Golden Residency in Europe.


What is the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is a Residence permit that grants non-European Union citizens the ability to live and invest in Spain. It was established by Law 14/2013  to encourage foreign investment and to internationalize Spanish companies. The program offers numerous advantages, including a one- to two-year residency permit that could be extended up to five years, and the possibility to live and work legally in Spain.

There are three types of Gold Visa: financial (for which it is necessary to invest at least 1 million euros), real estate acquisition (whose minimum amount is 500,000 euros), and business project (for which a favorable report must be obtained before applying for it).

An important and remarkable feature of this residence permit is that it can be extended  to your immediate family, including you children and wife. Thus, it is possible to relocate with family.

The Golden Visa offers flexibility to the applicant, as they are not required to live in Spain permanently. They can travel freely while being a resident in Spain and other Countries.

Investing in the country is the best option for foreigners who wish to access a Spanish visa and live legally and safely in Spain.

What are the general requirements for applying for the Golden Visa?

  • It is required that you must visit to Spain annually to maintain your Residence.
  • The application for your permit may be submitted up to 90 days prior to your intended entry date into Spain.
  • Non-European Union citizenship is a requirement for eligibility. 
  • You and you and your family members are allowed to work; National Employment Situation regulations will not be considered.
  • The National Employment Situation regulations do not apply.
  • Submitting an application for residence authorization or renewal to the UGE-CE serves to automatically extend the validity of the current residence or stay status.
  • Visa decision times:  10 working days and residence authorizations: 20 working days.
  • The visa may be renewed for 2 years maintaining the real estate or business project, and 5 years upon investment in financial assets.

Where to start?

Firstly, the person interested in the golden visa must obtain all required documentation to start the application process.

Following this, this person must schedule an appointment at the consulate.

Extranjeristas understand that commencing an unfamiliar procedure in a foreign country can be a perplexing task. For this reason, we extend the option to provide comprehensive guidance and accompaniment throughout the entire process.

The reasons of seeking the services of Extranjeristas.

We undertake to expedite the processing times.

We guarantee the provision of a reliable advisor to attend to any inquiries you may have.

We ensure that our services will prevent any potential complications during the procedure.

we guarantee that additional expenses will not be incurred.

We have acquired firsthand experience obtaining residence permits as foreign nationals, which has given us a distinctive advantage We leverage our expertise to assist our clients while incorporating the essential element of human compassion and empathy that these processes demand.

How to contact us?

If this visa meets your needs, we kindly encourage you to reach out to our firm without hesitation.

As experts in the field of immigration, we stand prepared to offer our assistance. 

We will provide you with all the necessary information to facilitate an informed decision-making process. 

Our principal objective is to assist you in securing your permit, and we are committed to advocate for your interests.



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