Study stay

If you are at your young ages and would like to study age and intend to commence or complete your education in Spain, the study permit could interest you.

Primarily, it is important to note that the study visa is not a residence permit but a stay permit. Meaning that the Spanish government permits you to stay in Spain for education provided that you return to your home country upon completion of your studies. Exceptions to this general rule will be discussed later, but the overarching concept is that the time spent studying in Spain does not count as a residence, for instance, calculating the duration of residence required to apply for citizenship.

Estancia para estudios

Study Permits, everything you need to know

The process for apply for a study visa is primarily carried out through theSpanish consulate in the applicant’s country of origin. However, it can also be initiated within Spanish territory if the applicant holds a tourist visa and by one month before visa expiration. To apply for a study visa, the following requirements must be met:

  1. No criminal record, if the applicant is at legal age.
  2. Admission letter from an approved study center for regulated studies.
  3. Subscription to a private health insurance policy with no exclusions or co-payments.
  4. Evidence of sufficient income to cover expenses during the stay in Spain (equivalent to 100% of IPREM for the duration of stay).
  5. If a minor, permission from parents to travel to Spain for study purposes.

If the duration of stay is more than 6 months, a card will be issued to the applicant to confirm the authorization for their stay. If the period is shorter, a visa stamped on the passport will be sufficient. The card or visa will be valid for the duration of the course.

The applicant may be accompanied by their family (spouse or children), who will also be issued a visa, provided they can prove that they have sufficient financial means to support them.

Upon completion of the course, the applicant may extend their permit by enrolling in another course that meets the aforementioned requirements and by maintaining the same initial situation, particularly in terms of economic resources.

Can Employment be Pursued on a Student Visa?

As previously mentioned, the study permit is intended to return to your country once your studies are completed. However, some exceptions allow you to transition from a study permit to a residence and work permit:

  1. After completing the studies and finding a job offer that is related to your degree and is on the same level, you may modify it into a residence and work permit, under general immigration law, provided that you have a job offer.
  2. Internship contract: If you have earned a university or postgraduate degree in the last two years, or you are in your final year, your study permit can be converted into a work permit for internships without needing to study for three years. In this case, the process is initiated by the company or university center, and the process will vary depending on which party is responsible.
  3. Job search permit: Another option for those who have earned a university or postgraduate degree at level VI as defined by the European Union, is to modify their study permit for a one-year job search permit after completing their degree. This means that you are granted permission to search for a job directly related to your field of study for one year. If you find a job before the year is up, you can apply for a modification to a general residence and work permit. Alternatively, you may apply to establish your own business, that is, as a self-employed person, and this is not limited to an activity related to your area of study.

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