Labour integration

When an individual of foreign origin resides irregularly within Spanish territory, the most frequently employed authorizations to formalize their status are the “integration” permits.

Labour integration

In situations where a foreigner is present in Spanish territory in an irregular manner, the most common means of regularization are the authorizations for “integration.” These authorizations facilitate the acquisition of a Temporary Residence Permit for Exceptional Circumstances, which also entails a work permit. This work permit authorizes individuals to work either for themselves or for others.

In this post, we will discuss the "Labour Integration". It is intended for those foreigners who demonstrate:

A minimum of 2 years of continuous residence in Spain.
Demonstrate an employment relationship of at least 6 months (clandestinely or by means of a work history, pay slips or contracts).

Furthermore, it is imperative to elucidate the following:

Previously, it was required to report the employing company to prove periods of work. However, due to a Supreme Court ruling, it is now recognized that thousands of individuals who had a residence permit within the past 2 years but no longer possess one for any reason, and who can provide evidence of a full-time employment relationship of no less than 6 months, are eligible for “Labour Integration”. It should be noted that those who possessed a work permit at any time during the past 2 years DO NOT NEED TO REPORT TO THE COMPANY.

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, there are general requirements that must be met, which are outlined on our website along with more information on the topic. Please visit our website at → Areas of Activity → Integrations for further details.

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